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Diesel Fuel Injectors Remanufacturing

G&T Engine Parts remanufactures diesel fuel injectors.


Our remanufactured injectors use high-quality replacement parts that meet or exceed OEM standards.  Our technicians are highly skilled with years of experience. Our facilities use state of the art equipment. This combination makes it possible for G&T Engine Parts to produce diesel fuel injectors that rival the quality of OEM. You will find our quality & prices to be highly competitive compared OEM and other fine quality diesel fuel injector remanufacturers.

We offer 6 months Limited Warranty against manufacturing and parts defects.

All used injectors that come into our manufacturing facilities must pass a stringent quality control inspection before they qualify to be rebuilt.

    • •  Visual Inspection
    • •  Pre-Cleaning
    • •  Disassembly
    • •  Component Cleaning
    • •  Assembly
    • •  Testing
    • •  Packaging


Visual Inspection

Every year we purchase thousands of used diesel fuel injectors. Non are rebuilt until they each pass a stringent visual inspection. The best are considered for rebuilding while others are discarded. Carefully choosing the right injectors to remanufacture improves the quality of our completed product.



Injectors that pass the visual screening are pre-cleaned. We look for the best of the best before we disassemble them.



The best of the best are then disassembled according to OEM protocols. All disassembled components are cataloged, sorted and prepared for remanufacturing.


Components Cleaning -> Inspection -> Testing

Components are cleaned in an ultrasonic bath, then rinsed in new test oil. Parts are inspected microscopically looking for defects. Parts are tested. We discard all parts that do not meet our stringent quality standards. The defective parts are replaced with new components.


Assembly -> Testing >  Packaging

Prior to re-assembly all components are rinsed and lubricated with clean test oil. All seals will be replaced with new items. Then every injector passes several tests at our quality control area. We have different kinds of test bench that allow us to test wide range of injectors to offer the customers high- quality products.